RMS Titanic Exhibit

Eldridge Titanic

The Windham Historical Society presented former Willimantic Mayor Ernest Eldridge’s Live RMS Titanic Exhibit. Guests were privy to a collection of artifacts pertaining to and from the actual vessel, RMS Titanic, the infamous passenger liner once billed “unsinkable” which struck an iceberg and sank on her maiden voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in 1912.  There was […]

Alice on The Lawn

Alice on the lawn

The Windham Historical Society and Willimantic Victorian Neighborhood Association co-sponsored a lively picnic on the town green at Jillson Square in honor of Charles Dodgson’s lifetime of service to children’s entertainment.  The event was free, and include Steampunk vendors, family photo board featuring the Mad Hatter and other tea party guests, magician Peter Haddad, a […]

Walter W. Woodward, Connecticut State Historian

Walter W. Woodward

State Historian Walter W. Woodward spoke at the Jillson House Museum. He is the fifth person to hold the position of State Historian, which was created in the 1930s in preparation for Connecticut’s 300th anniversary. Prof. Woodward is a scholar of Early American and Atlantic World history, with an emphasis on Connecticut and New England. His research […]

Calligraphy Class with Kathleen Lepak

The Windham Historical Society presented a beginners calligraphy class with professional calligrapher Kathleen Lepak (www.kathleenlepakdesigncalligraphy.com). This class was an introduction to the art of calligraphy. There are many different “hands”, or styles of lettering with the broad edged nib. The primary focus for this class will be the Italic hand and the strokes used to […]