Jedediah Elderkin

Jedediah Elderkin

Jedediah Elderkin was born in Norwich, Connecticut in 1717. The second child and eldest son of John Elderkin III and Susannah Baker. He was raised and later married in Norwich before relocating to the Town of Windam, Connecticut. His wife Anne Wood was born in 1721 and they married on 31 August 1741. Together they raised 8 children. (There was also an infant son that was lost.)

 Col. Elderkin and Col. Dyer were the leading lawyers in Eastern Connecticut. They were next door neighbors and personal friends. Jedidiah Elderkin was appointed Justice of the Peace in 1756 and chosen a member of the General Assembly from Windham in the spring of 1751 and repeatedly afterwards until 1785. In March 1775, Jedidiah Elderkin, Esq., was commissioned a Colonel of the Fifth Regiment of the Connecticut Militia.

Through his life he was a lawyer, States Attorney for Windham County, member of the General Assembly, one of the Governors Council of Safety, a large land owner and manufacturer. 

Col. Jedidiah Elderkin died 3 March 1793 and the age of 75 years. His wife Anne died 14 June 1804 at the age of 83. 

Following is the obituary notice of him that was printed in the Windham Herald dated March 9, 1793:

“In this town on the 3d inst., after a long and painful illness, endured with singular patience, departed this life JEDEDIAH ELDERKIN, Esq., in the 75th year of his age, who for many years was an eminent and honorable practitioner of law in this State, and by much improvement in several important stations in life, was, for many years, a very useful member of society. In his death the surviving partner laments the loss of a tender husband; a numerous offspring, that of a kind and affectionate parent, and the needy sufferer, the loss of a benevolent and charitable friend.”